Young Lady Debuts New Puppet, Then He Steals The Show By Revealing His Love For Judge

About This Video:

There’s a simple reason behind why Darci Lynne earned the Golden Buzzer before on America’s Got Talent! Her extraordinary stage presence and comical ventriloquism routine resonated with Mel B with her initially tryout and she hasn’t looked back since!

It was clear there was something Mel B saw in Darci and she needed to ensure the 12-year-old entertainer had the opportunity to win it all! That is the reason Darci chose to show respect to Mel B with her latest performance. So when Darci and her new mouse companion, Oscar, ventured on the America’s Got Talent stage again, they were prepared to give the performance of a lifetime. Rather than a straightforward forward and backward discussion, Darci had something extraordinary up her sleeve.

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