Dad Films His Puppies Trying To Conquer The Steps. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Brown Puppy!

About This Video:

Puppies are a drug especially if you are stressed and in pain’. Sometimes all you need is a puppy and your problems will just all disappear. Each and every day, they do such amazing things that are enough to melt your heart away and they are so profound when doing it. These cuties in the video had me melting my heart. Sometimes, in order for you to understand what a dog goes through to learn the most basic of skills, you have to be in its situation. The puppies in this video just gave me a whole new light with regards to dog training. It takes something more than just patience.

Puppies are Mother Nature’s remedy for everything that may be ailing you! No one can resist the absolute cuteness of a puppy! I like the awkward stage they go through when their paws get all tangled up when they try to run! One of the toughest things a dog has to learn is how to navigate the stairs.

I think up would be pretty easy – but coming back down is probably rather terrifying! Gravity doesn’t play favorites! The first one down makes it look easy! Then the little brown pup has her turn! She is a little less confident with the staircase but does get down the first step. She has a lot of friends who give her moral support, and she finally makes it all the way down! Watch the two Shih Tzu puppies in this video go down the stairs here!

It way beyond adorable and cute just the way she does it.

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