6 Older Men Perform Funny Synchronized Swimming Routine And I’ve Never Laughed So Hard!

About This Video:

What is life if you can’t take a couple of minutes from your day/week or month to relax, have a chuckle, and appreciate something fun and engaging? That is the feeling of these six elderly honorable men who figured out how to put on a significant show for what seems to be a talent competition or perhaps an end-of-year show or something. Whatever the occasion, the crowd adored the show—which is apparent from the generous snickers heard all through the video footage.

So exactly what are these six men up to in the video underneath? Indeed, they’ve arranged a synchronized swimming act, and they nail it! Presently, normally we would envision more youthful ladies taking an interest in this sport, yet the way that these seniors cherish each second of their execution persuades us to believe the age and gender of the participants don’t really matter.

The men, wearing the fitted swimming clothing including a swimming top and goggles, even end up on the floor at one phase exposing just their legs that move around easily in a state of harmony with each other. Furthermore, that is not all that’ll make you roar with laughter—their music choice is also awesome as well!

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